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    Summer Snack

    Two ways to do feta cheese: Revved up or Calmed down Rev up: (GF)Toast with dijon mustard with feta crumbles Side of apple with cinnamon (for munching crunch and sweet) Mixed, rinsed greens with your sweet toppings…like raisins!         Calm down: Toast with avocado and tomato with feta crumbles Side of potato (for soft and calm) Mixed, rinsed greens with your salty toppings…like olives!

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    First, a fun thing to have in the cubbard: chocolate drink mix To make chocolate drink mix, stir together equal parts of unsweetened (non-alkalized) cocoa powder and rice milk powder. This stays well in a cool, dry place, for awhile in a cool climate, and is probably better kept in the fridge if you live in a hot climate. Whenever you feel like having something yummy, you can boil this up with water, drink hot, or ice to cool down. Or like in this recipe, stir into cookies, cakes, pancakes, smoothies and homemade ice cream.     To make the Yummdots MIX together oats (Gluten Free if you like) and rice puff…

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    Red Bean Breakfast

    Kinda like an oatmeal cookie. Kid and grown-up kid friendly chow! You will need to cook up some red beans (these are nice: Organic Azuki Red Beans). Super delicious, sweet, earthy. Store leftover cooked beans in the fridge for about 3 days. MIX gluten-free oats, SHAKEs of coconut flakes, raisins and some cinnamon if you please with boiled water. STIR in the beans, and munch happy!

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    Knekkebrod Pizza

    MIX oat, teff, and rice flours, sprinkle flax seeds, shakes of turmeric STIR in enough plain water until mixture becomes spreadable paste SPREAD onto an ovenpan lined with greased parchment BAKE for about 12 min at 200C CHOP up veggies: mushrooms, avocado, ruccula, onions HEAT up tomato paste with herbs rosemary & thyme, + garlic if you’re spicy POUR the sauce on the knekkebrod, sprinkle on toppings, cheese if you please BAKE for about 20 more minutes, less for squishier pizza, more for crunch Viola! Chow happy!

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    Presence and mindfulness

    The thing is, humans still have bodies. Fun fact right? And so as long as we have bodies, we can pay attention to them and learn the messages we can gain from our actual felt and sensed experience. So what’s the catch with all the recent years talks and best sellers about mindfulness. (check out this great article on this really cool website) As long as someone has a computer, a computer in their pocket or purse disguised under the name of phone or some kind of futuristic sounding b0t, people already tend to be in their mind. Are they actively engaged? Perhaps not, but that doesn’t really matter, because the blood and lymph and…

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    Demystifying: Unconscious and Consciousness

    In our Internet times, quotes are traded phrases, a designed currency to inspire you! Or wait…are they distractions, or worse, confusions? The flowing stream of orders to make you smarter, better, more interesting-as if there was something you had missed along the way, some profound insight or complex order of the world. One of the topics of growing interest revolves around the word consciousness, and its scary rival twin, unconsciousness. Nothing wrong with these words. But if you find yourself wondering WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN, let`s take a look. “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~ Carl Jung…

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    Real Love

    Real love. Self love. True love. There is no shortage of phrases about love. And the meaning of love, tied to deeply different meanings per culture. You’ll find no one dashing to the street proclaiming, DAMMIT! WHERE IS ANOTHER BOOK ABOUT LOVE?! No, we have plenty, and we are sure to have only more. Since you’ve got an important book reading list to tend to, let’s keep this one short. In the culture of Internet, that vast differences seem to have neatly come together as a web, curated to a specific meaning, as a means of creating coherence out of difference. Love, on its own is deeply complex, beautiful, enriching,…

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    Sunshine and Rainbows

    The grass is not greener where the sun shines all the time. In fact, no grass grows there at all. The place where sun shines all the time is called a desert. Seasons, weather, change with time. What was once a glacier becomes a lake, what was once a forest becomes sandy slope. The landscape of life has always been this way, long before humans, and long after we transition. For as long as we have known and could foresee, all kinds of weather make the world go round, and it’s a gift for all of us to see.

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    Epsom Ease

    Simple does it best, again. Epsom salts are an effective way to rebalance your body from the outside. They are not for internal consumption. Create a simple paste of epsom salt and warm water and use as a face or body mask. Let the mixture dry and gently, key word GENTLY, massage the salt from your skin. Pat dry and revel in the softness of your skin. Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate, an inorganic salt which contains healing elements of magnesium, sulfur and oxygen. When you use epsom salt, the pH of your skin rebalances back to its original, healthy state. No special creams or potions needed.

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    The practice of undoing human doings

    Websites, social media, business cards, conversations. In these spaces and sites are commonly recited titles for the activities we do. To give others a picture, a snapshot, of “who we are” by what we do. The tricky part of sharing a picture, is an attempt to connect the image to an identity. The image reaches, as if to say this is who I am, and that is who they are, the understanding reflexive. This picture we send out to the wide web of others, whom we now biblically describe as followers, can prescribe a picture we make unto ourselves. This picture may follow some notions about what our expectations about…