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The practice of undoing human doings

Websites, social media, business cards, conversations. In these spaces and sites are commonly recited titles for the activities we do. To give others a picture, a snapshot, of “who we are” by what we do. Such a curious activity to participate in. The tricky part of sharing a picture, which implies we are attempting to define a cohesive beginning and ending to what constitutes an indentity, an articulation or description of ourselves as different from an other, is that it works reflexively. This picture we give to others also prescribes the picture we are to ourselves. And this picture follows some notions about what our expectations about what constitutes a human. The funny bit about this situation creates a sharp boundary by confining our selves to identities which are doing things in the world, we exercise an inhumane practice of creating ideals with which to fill our time with. What if we were then to practice softer boundaries? Boundaries that are more fluid. By empolying the strides technology and infrastructure provide human life to dedicate themselves to purusits less material and more fulfilling from the inside. Redefining work and leisure. Try putting acitivies in the perspective of the position of being at the end of your life and looking back upon what you thought was important to you. Will you have wished your days looked or felt a little different? What can you do or not do today that might place a vote toward making an enjoyable journey to that viewpoint which you will inevitably embody. While some employ invitations such as these as an excuse to live recklessly, abandoning responsibility, the opportunity to drive in deeper, to sink into your body, to reconnect with the life force beating right within your chest, awaits your efforts to bring that life and dream within you, into the world, in the most responsible, humane, gentle and soft way you are able to practice today, tomorrow, and every breath you create with your body and the world around you.

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