The practice of undoing human doings

Websites, social media, business cards, conversations. In these spaces and sites are commonly recited titles for the activities we do. To give others a picture, a snapshot, of “who we are” by what we do. The tricky part of sharing a picture, is an attempt to connect the image to an identity.

The image reaches, as if to say this is who I am, and that is who they are, the understanding reflexive. This picture we send out to the wide web of others, whom we now biblically describe as followers, can prescribe a picture we make unto ourselves. This picture may follow some notions about what our expectations about what constitutes a human.

The funny bit about this situation is the boundary, or confines we make for ourselves. And if practiced over and over, muscle our ways into an exercise of inhumane practice of creating ideals to fill our time with. To drone out on our own recipe. Sounds like the recipe for a Hello! mid-life crisis at 20? 30? or how about another one at 70?

What if, because daydreaming is fun, each human were to practice softness? A kind of fluidity of boundaries? And I don’t mean in all the popular ways, because there are now boundless words for the proclaimed woke to put onto whatever they are putting their bodies into or around. Hey let’s not beat around the bush now!

Boundaries that are fluid, that don’t hunt for the badge of I AM AND YOU SHALL OBEY because I said I am take up the new technology in strides and puts the focus on the structure to provide human life. The common people are freer than written history to dedicate themselves to pursuits less (or sometimes more) material, the kinds of fulfilling from the inside sort of stuff the Internet culture cherishes.

Work and leisure are redefined, placing activities in the perspective of what you want to be doing with your life-you as the composer of the moving picture- the director, the casting agent, the set designer, stylist, cinematographer and audio guy (because someone needs to point a fuzzy microphone for anyone to hear what is being said!)

Phew, did you ever know you were going to be born onto a set of life? Usually there’s a whole crew making the story up, and now suddenly, with technology, it’s all been thrust upon you! Wait, but it was like that before technology-and probably 20 years from now, if we keep at the rate of development we are, people will be looking back at life, from the ending, wondering what the big production was really all about?

Was it really about making the world a better place? CHANGING THE WORLD? Oh my goodness! Can you imagine the weight of that responsibility? Does choosing the kind of milk, from the vast array of 30+ options make one qualified for such a task. Heavens! let’s stick to coats, shoes, milks, and yoga for now, ok?

In reality though, there are a lot of colors of paint, there are a lot of things you can do with your day. And the art of doing anything is in really doing it fully. Half assed living is about as enriching as half assed art. You can look at it, but you can’t really do much more than that. Full assed art, or making with life, takes guts and brains. You’re going to have to think about things.

Consideration is time to be creative, to choose, one of those little routes that seem like a detour, might be path to pick up the kind of things that enrich life-which isn’t reckless abandon but something more often resembling responsibility, instead of lazing around on a floatie, taking the opportunity to dive deeper. The spectrum of risk isn’t always to the reward, but content people are usually full of qualities like: humane, gentle, brash, funny, quirky, loving, jerks, -you get the picture. A diverse picture of things. All of which were done, so you could be given the art of today.

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