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    Koko Cocoa Bits

    GATHER non-alkalised cocoa powder coconut oil coconut flakes vanilla & accoutrements MELT heaping scoop of coconut oil SIFT coco powder into pan POUR warm water enough to make the cocoa liquid STIR coconut flakes, vanilla, cinnamon, accoutrements POUR into square baking dish CHILL in the refrigerator CHOP & CIAO HAPPY Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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    Coco Chunk Cuties

    GATHER INGREDIENTS Dark Chocolate Bar Versatile Gluten Free Flour Mix 2 Handfuls Medjool Dates Cinnamon & Nutmeg Mini baking cups (optional) MIX gluten-free flour mix with seasoning to taste. 1C for a small batch. 2C for an average size batch. MUSH pitted dates into the mix SCOOP heaping spoonful of coconut oil POUR hot water over, melting the oil and moisten the mix, so the mix becomes clumpy       CHOP chocolate bar STIR in chocolate chunks STORE in the fridge overnight, or a couple days ROLL small balls into mini baking cups BAKE 200 C for 10minutes SERVE. SHARE & CIAO HAPPY.

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    Apple Date Apricot Cake

    GATHER INGREDIENTS 2 Small Apples Handful dried, Turkish apricots 2 Handfuls Medjool Dates Cinnamon & Nutmeg Versatile Gluten Free Flour Mix Coconut Oil CHOP apples and apricots place in a bowl STIR in enough flour to fill the bowl and coat all the fruit SPRINKLE in cinnamon & nutmeg (don’t be shy) MUSH dates up with fingers and work into the flour, remove any pits SCOOP about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil POUR warm water over the oil to melt and wet the batter so it can easily pour in a form. MIX up the batter POUR into a casserole dish BAKE 200C until golden brown

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    Versatile Gluten Free Flour Mix

    What You Need 1kg  (2.2lb) Gram Flour 750g (1.65lb) Tytte Mjøl / Teff Flour 100g (26.45oz) Fibrex 67% kostfiber / Dietary Fiber 400g (1.65lb) Majsstivelse Mix it all together! A big bowl helps. Store in an air tight container or pour the mixes back into the bags you purchased them in. Use for all kinds of baking or cooking recipes

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    MetAMORphose Course

    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. – Lao Tzu This Valentine’s Day: Grow strength and courage with art. Date: Wednesday, February 14 Time: 6 PM – 8 PM Location: Neven  Smedbergveien 10, Oslo, Norway Behind the #70 Bussplassen Register Online for Valentine’s Day Art Course at Neven Body Care   Seeing is a sense easy to take for granted. This Valentine’s day, create an interpretation of your partner’s hands or face based on feeling. The goal is not to make a perfect reproduction, but your personal view of your partner. The result? Seeing your best friend or lover through a metamorphosis. Couples, colleagues,…

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    AM Oaties

    GATHER Your Ingredients Oatflour, or oats to grind into flour Havrekli or oat kernals Baking soda & Baking powder Coconut flakes (unsweetened) Dates and/or a ripe banana Coconut Oil Yogurt Accoutrements: Cinnamon, nutmeg, nuts, toasted buckwheat kernels MIX all the dry ingredients together MIX in mashed dates and banana ADD a healthy scoop of coconut oil and warm water to melt the oil. Just enough to make the mixture moist and sticky.         BAKE at 200C for 12-20minutes Less time for smaller bites More time for thicker bites         GOJI YOGURT SAUS MIX yogurt with goji berries and the juice from frozen berries for…

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    Hot Date Bars

    GRAB Dates, smush em up after taking out the pit Flax seed, ground or grind-up the seeds in a blender or coffee grinder Ginger and cinnamon powder to taste (about 1-2tsp each) Heaping spoonful of cold pressed coconut oil Get your (clean) hands in there to mix it all together Press between two sheets of wax paper to desired depth Slice bite size pieces, separate with wax paper Add to ice cream, smoothies, oats, and on their own. Ciao happy! Spicy warmth to share. Check out the video here.