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Dance, yoga, tai-chi got together for a session, it’s called Yoto.

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60 minutes

Single session $95  .  (750nok)           Single session Group $170  .  (1200nok)

Five sessions  $399  .  (3100nok)      Five session Group $714  .  (5550nok)


90 minutes

Single session $120  .  (950nok)        Single session Group $195  .  (1500nok)

Five sessions  $430  .  (3350nok)    Five sessionGgroup $739  .  (5760nok)


Yoto Session Notes

A single session is designed for one person. The single session rate can be shared between two people. Please consider the focus of attention in practitioner in a 2-person session can vary session-to-session based on the individuals needs and goals.

Group sessions can be shared up to as many people can fit in the space. Organise a private workshop, weekly learning, or weekend retreat.

Corporate, student, and flex-rates available.

Email for more information.

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