Yoto Courses

Body Architecture ~ Metamorphose ~ Mirror Mail ~ Grasp & Release Beliefs ~ Bonsai Mapping ~

For: Individuals, Couples, Workplaces, Schools
Formats: Half-day, Full-day, 2-day, and 5-day
Practices in Yoto Courses:

    • meditation
    • movement
    • photography
    • drawing
    • writing
    • discussion
    • developing and applying intuition

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Creating is not an exclusive a process dependant on inspiration or genius. Yoto designed courses for people interested in applying the creative process to their life through experience learning. From observation, artistic thought, through structuring and action, to adapting in context. Practical exercises, guidance, and review, Yoto courses apply different processes, exercises, and research to create individually, relationally, organisationally desired outcomes. The courses are designed from principles in the creative process. The methodologies are applicable to professional and personal disciplines. Anyone who wants to develop  vision, voice, and deepen their knowledge and skills in creating are welcome. Upon full payment for the course, due 1 month prior to the courses start, receive course outline to review.

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