Marzipan In a Jar









Warm coconut oil in a saucepan

Mix in enough almond meal to create a paste

While warm, add in some dashes of cinnamon, nutmeg and spread into a jar

Scoop into breakfast with berries or enjoy with drizzled chocolate, among many delicious opportunities that may arise over coffee and tea


AM Oaties








Serve them with fruit and goji yogurt sauce








Try them topped with toasted coconut or buckwheat kernels










Try out with vanilla and molasses sauce










Make them purple with fresh berries from the forest.

Hot Date Bars

Ok, not hot like a candle, but spicy warmth to share. Check out the video here. 



What you need:

Dates, smush em up after taking out the pit

Flax seed, ground or grind-up the seeds in a blender or coffee grinder

Ginger and cinnamon powder to taste (about 1-2tsp each)

Heaping spoonful of cold pressed coconut oil





Then go ahead:

Mix all together, prepare to get your (clean) hands in there

Plop on a piece of wax paper and squish out to desired depth

Cut into snack pieces, wrap with wax paper or your favourite reusable snack cloth. Viola! Tastes great in ice cream, smoothies, oats, and on their own.

Chow happy!


Chiaseed Jam









Soak some spoonfuls of chiaseeds in water

Blend in a cup or so of rinsed, frozen berries

Store what’s not used in a sealed jar for about 5 days


Topping tryout








The best part of making pizza at home? Making it however you want!

Spread out the dough

Top with whatever tasty toppings you’ve got

Kidney beans and spring greens turned out totally delightful along with a mix of tomatoes and other delightfully common assortments

The sauce was made out of tomato paste and fresh herbs like basil, rosemary, thyme, and black pepper

Belly Soothing Baked Goods

These are great alternative to bread or crackers-to put honey on, dip in soups, have with coffee, or settle an upset stomach. Plain and versatile!








Belly Soothing Baked Goods

Mix together

Rice flour (about 2C)

Oats (the quick or long cooking kind, as long as the grain is flat, gluten-free to keep the recipe celiac friendly)

Add a dash of sea salt

Make a bowl shape in the bowl

Whisk together three eggs, then mix into the flour with enough water to make the dough wet and spreadable


Tin foil or parchment line a baking tray, spread out olive or coconut oil to grease.

Bake for about 40min at 400C, less for chewy, more for crisp results


Chow happy!

Persimmon perk-me-up

Ok, these are really great anytime! While persimmons are an autumnal fruit, the dried version works any time of year. We found these incredible morsels at the San Luis Obispo farmer’s market from Mt. Olive Organic Farm Just dried persimmon and not a dab of refined or added sugar to be found.










Chop up some persimmons and stir into a mixture of gluten-free flours

Mix together about 1C each of buckwheat and oat flours

Tbsp of baking powder

Hefty shakes of cinnamon, and a few gentle shakes of nutmeg if you’re nice

Mix together with enough warm water to form a paste/doughlike consisency

Plop onto a parchment lined baking tray, oiled with coconut oil

Bake at 200C for about 10min or until cooked the way you like

Serve with Matcha latter, earl grey or coffee. Also great with a dab of yoghurt.

Chow happy!


Chow happy idea: Add to a bowl of GF oats

Cocos Kakao Spread

Palm-oil free chocolate spread…mmmmm…..desert that’s good for you.








Cocos Kakao Spread

Melt coconut oil in saucepan

Add non-alkalized chocolate powder

Unsalted almond butter

Raw honey


Mix all these together, adding the honey to the desired sweetness. More cocoa and almond butter for spreadable thickness or less for more syrupy consistency.

Spread on toast, ice cream, fruit, etc.

Store in a glass jar in the fridge for as long as it lasts…which likely won’t be long!


Chow happy!

Better beet salad

An autumnal blend of simple delish.









Better beet salad

Wash and chopp beet greens

Slice red onion and carrots

Steam with water


Top with cooked Mung Beans

Sliced sun-dried tomatoes and olives

Lovely drizzle cold-pressed olive oil

Viola! Chow happy!








To cook California Grown Organic Mung Beans (1 Lb)

wash the beans

soak overnight or two in water until beans begin to sprout

rinse the beans

cook beans until they are soft

While mung beans beans are full of protein, this dish tastes excellent with white fish or venison meat


Potet sopp suppe



















diced up potatoes


celery stalks

DRAIN potatoes & spread them out on a greased, foil lined baking tray

Black pepper
Drizzle of olive oil
ROAST veggies 20-45minutes at 220C
SAUTEE mushrooms on the skillet with some ginger spice

PUREE most of the roasted veggies
+add water until you achieve the thickness you like
+add chunks of goat cheese or other white cheese and bring pot to boil, stirring often

GARNISH with the mushrooms & veggies
Viola! Chow happy!
soup dinner
cosy autumn dinner and a movie