Create balance in self, health & home

Yoto Studio designs products and practices to create balance in self, health, & home.


The Yoto Studio Story

The first question people tend to wonder is, what is Yoto? Yoto is motive rooted in compassionate imagination.

Yoto’s orientation is rooted in the principles of lasting value through applied observation. Yoto Studio’s values are founded in clarity and integrity as the way for lasting mobility and agility. Yoto Studio’s mission is to create balance in any condition while facilitating a sense of wholeness in individual expression.

Yoto’s founder joined visual and physical arts practices with principles in five-element theory to create balance in the modern world. Yoto’s focus on connecting with individual expression supports dynamic and pragmatic work from the ground-up to create balance in self, health, and home.

Yoto started as a small seed in 2003, grew into a logo designed by Simple Type Studio in 2012, launched a website and trademark before creating products & practices around the globe.

Yoto has roots in the USA and Norway, with plans to open doors on a center for learning and practice in 2020.

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