About Yoto Studio

Create balance in self, health & home

Yoto Studio designs products and practices to create balance in self, health, & home.

The Yoto Studio Story

Yoto is an individual’s personal connection to creative energy. By facilitating internal learning, Yoto practices support mobility, agility, stability. Yoto Studio’s values are founded on integrity and clarity. Yoto Studio’s mission is for individual expression and sense of wholeness.

Founder, Rachel Wolfe, sought a way to share methods of creating balance in the modern world. Yoto was made by combining a lifelong of movement and photography practices with principles in five-element theory. 

Yoto’s approach is dynamic and pragmatic. Working from the ground-up, with the generative orientation: we are and have all we need, to do what asks of us to be created. Yoto’s focus on connecting with individual expression engages the practitioner in their unique role of creating balance in self, health, and home.

Yoto sprouted in 2003, grew a logo designed by Simple Type Studio in 2012launched a website in 2015, and began offering products & practices internationally in 2016.

Yoto Studio is currently a mobile studio. Yoto Studio plans to open a creative center for learning and practice in 2020.

Contact Yoto Studio by email yoto@yotostudio.com