About Yoto Studio

Create balance in self, health & home

Yoto Studio is a space of learning through practice. Yoto practices support mobility, agility, stability- naturally creating personal expression, clarity, a sense of wholeness.


Yoto Movement Sessions

A method of building strength and growing flexibility through functional movement. Relaxation for integration follows each session. Sessions are offered in three areas of focus:

Foundation: Form. Foundation sessions focus on developing an individual practice of forms to move through.

Build: Flow. Building sessions are intensive practices which develop upon foundation movements.

Instinct: Refinement. Instinctive sessions facilitate experienced practitioners to refine their practice.

The Yoto Studio Story

Yoto is the synthesis of vision and body. Yoto Studio began as a movement and design project to combine the worlds of dance and photography. These different art forms shared a sensibility, difficult to describe in words, but readily accessible through practice.

Rachel Wolfe founded Yoto Studio through a lifelong learning of movement, art, and philosophies based on intuition and nature. Rachel began sharing Yoto practices with family and friends in 2003, and guiding clients and small groups in 2012. Sean Fermoyle of Simple Type Studio designed the logo. The website launched a beta version in 2015. Yoto Studio began offering products and services internationally during 2016.

Yoto Studio is currently a mobile studio with practices and workshops available worldwide. Yoto Studio plans to open a creative center for learning and practice in 2020.

Contact Yoto Studio with this link or via email yoto@yotostudio.com.